Alice NP Military Rucksack

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Alice NP Military Rucksack

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· U.S Army Issue, Military Surplus gear with original design of ALICE pack medium size.
· External Frame Inclusive, lightweight Aluminum material with adjustable shoulder straps.
· Quick release, improved nylon instant release buckles to release whole ruck system in case of emergency.
· Padded Waist belt, the kidney pad strap on the frame also helps heave loading.
· Utility Pouches, 3 pockets outside on front, and 1 envelope pocket on the top cover.
Product Information:
The ALICE Pack System retains the concept of separate Fighting and Existence loads that was refined in the mid- 1950s during the development of the LCE. The most important point in the fighting and existence loads concept is that an infantry rifleman should carry only the items necessary to complete the immediate mission at hand. The load an infantry rifleman carries should not include any other item that can be carried another way. Because the type of mission, terrain, and environmental conditions will influence the clothing and individual equipment requirements, the unit commander may prescribe to the infantry rifleman the essential items. The prime purpose of the fighting and existence loads concept is to lighten an infantry rifleman’s load.

Main Compartment: closes by means of a drawstring secured by a plastic cord clamp.The size of the pack may be decreased for smaller loads by means of three para-cord ties, stitched to the inside bottom of the pack, and three metal D-rings located directly below the internal radio pocket. It can be used with or without the LC-1 Field Pack Frame.

- An envelope pocket is located at the top. Three Utility Pockets, with strap and buckle adjustable closures and with snap fasteners for quick access, are provided for miscellaneous items. The top flap has a pocket with a hook and pile fastener tape sealed closure. Equipment hangers are located above each outside pocket and on each side. Drainage eyelets are provided in the bottom of the main compartment and the outside pockets.
- Back of the pack and padded with spacer cloth, into which the field pack frame is inserted when the field pack is used on the field pack frame. Buckles and straps at each side near the bottom are used for anchoring the field pack to the field pack frame. Two rectangular wire loops located at the top back of the field pack and D rings on each side at the bottom of the field pack are used to provide shoulder strap attachment.
- ALICE Frame, The ALICE Field Pack Frame is used as a mount for either the medium field pack or the large field pack. AKMAX ALICE Pack frame comes with all Straps and made of aluminum construction.
- The ALICE Rucksack System has been phased out of all Active and Reserve Component units in the Army. Basic and Advanced Individual Training units.The Navy and USAF use ALICE gear for ground personnel as well, although the USAF is phasing out ALICE in favor of MOLLE. The Marine Corps still issues the medium ALICE pack for some radio operators. Both it and the large variant can still be found with NROTC units (who train Marine officers in addition to Navy officers). Small maneuver elements which rely on lightweight pack design and durability still use ALICE packs today.


3 Reviews
  1. ★★★★★

    Husband approved

    I apparently don't know how to pack it, but he's a veteran who wanted this as his go away for the day pack. So we ordered it and he's happy so 10/10 from me

  2. ★★★★★


    I wrote a crappy review initially because the seller delayed so long in shipping. Hoping to motivate them to get it delivered on time. But it turns out it worked. It took them a day and a half to get it shipped. But once it shipped it did arrive on time by the prime deadline. That said I can tell you from personal experience that I have full knowledge of the quality of the original Alice pack. I used one extensively in basic training. Anyone who says that this is not as good as the original is simply romanticizing the past. This is a significant upgrade. The frame is sturdier and lighter. The Pact material is three times as tough and offers water resistance where the original Alice pack had no water resistance. There's also a grab handle if you like that sort of thing. I personally don't like grab handles because it's one more thing to get snagged on something. But if you like grab handles at the top of a backpack it has one. This is almost an exact replica of the original Alice pack. But it is improved in almost every way. I also upgraded mine with the replacement of the original frame with the Army's new GI issue medium rucksack frame. I now have the ultimate combination of durability, Comfort, capacity, and maneuverability. Slap a GI issues sustainment pouch on each side of this bad boy and you got one hell of a rucksack

  3. ★★★★★

    Got exactly what I ordered

    This is a modified take on the old Army Alice Pack. It is not identical, you should be able to tell in the pictures, but it is very close, with some improvements. The measurable differences are that this is a little larger, the metal frame is not as sturdy, the drawstring is better quality, it has 5 pouches instead of three, and the back brace padding is a little thinner. There are certainly pros and cons from the old one, but I like the larger size and more pouches in this version. It works as advertised and feels great on with about 35 pounds in it. The only improvement I would recommend is a carry strap at the top like the more modern rucks in future versions.