Military Modular Sleeping Bags

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Military Modular Sleeping Bags

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  • Akmax Military Army Modular Sleeping Bag System(4-Piece) Assembly Includes Patrol Sleeping Bag, Intermediate Sleeping Bag, Bivy Cover and Stuff Sack. Mummy Style. A variety of combinations to meet the survival environment from 30 degrees above zero to 40 degrees below zero. It is made of Water-resistant and scratch-resistant high-strength nylon surface, thickened nylon tightening belt. Filling: Polarauard HV High-grade military filling material, high fluffy, compression resistant.


  • Akmax Bivy Cover Fabric Using 3 laminating glue,Waterproof and breathable fabric,and wind-resistant fully seam pressed. The outer layer is made of nylon water-repellent, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant material. Size: 220x90x71cm. It is in Army Multicam Camouflage Color.

  • Patrol/Recon sleeping bag using Nylon Ripstop and High-grade military filling material,high fluffy,compression resistant. Double-sided heavy-duty YKK zipper is strong and durable.Heat-treated seams ensure water and moisture resistance.Head Velcro for easy opening and closing of the top cover. The comfortable temperature is recommended to be 5-15 degrees;extremely low temperature -1 degree. Size: from 233x94cm (width) to 233x61cm (narrow)

  • Intermediate sleeping bag Filling:Polarguard HV High-grade military filling material, high fluffy,compression resistant. Even if wet, it has a certain thermal insulation performance Temperature scale:comfortable temperature recommended-15-0 degrees; with patrol sleeping bag+camping bag together Use,can reach -40 degrees,comfortable temperature recommended -30 to -20. Size: from 221x90cm (width) to 221x58cm (narrow)

  • Akmax Military Modular sleeping bag system = summer thin sleeping bag jacket + spring Autumn sleeping bag + winter low temperature sleeping bag + winter or high mountain sleeping bag. It Can be used in conjunction with each other or separately . A variety of combinations, to meet the environment from 30 degrees above zero to 40 degrees below zero, the real set of sleeping bag system on the market almost meets all Use in the environment.


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  1. ★★★★★

    Adventure bag! Worth Every penny!

    I haven't slept the night and yet but went outside and tested it. It is so warm! I was in pajamas and crawled inside and got too hot once the bivy was on. It's winter where I'm at right now, and according to Google it was 35°. This is not the same as the genuine military one that I used to have. I was very sad when I lost it and my dad who gave it to me recommended I buy this one. I could not be happier! I can't wait to take it on adventures. Yes it is heavy, but that weight is worth it for me. Knowing that I have multiple sleep options for any environment, that I will stay dry and warm and comfortable is worth hauling it around. We also did a water test with some bottled water pouring over it while I was inside and I noticed no leaks. I also love the fact that there is a cinch cord for the bivy that you can reach inside of it to make sure that nothing will get in. The only thing that I dislike about it, which is more of a nitpick than anything, is how long it takes to roll back up. It's actually a good thing that it takes so long for the air to get out, it means that it's well sealed and it's probably not going anywhere anytime soon. But it could be a pain in the butt if you had to pack up camp quick. But I'm sure my dad knows a trick or two to make the process quicker. Also, I'm 6 ft and there's room enough for me and probably my dog in there. There's definitely enough room to slip a sleeping pad in between the bivy and the sleeping bag so that it doesn't roll out from under you in the middle of the night. One thing I would recommend, buy a reusable dehumidifier pack.