Army Backpack with Frame

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Army Backpack with Frame

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*Classic US army Meduim assault pack
*Two sustainment pouches inclusive
*Polymer external frame system
*1000D Nylon water proof fabric
*Compitable with MOLLE II rifleman set pouches
  • MOLLE II is an integrated, modular load-carrying system designed to enhance the capability and lethality of the modern Soldier. MOLLE II is designed to have different configurations that allow Soldiers to tailor their equipment to meet specific mission needs.
  • The MOLLE II system is configured from the following items: Large Field Pack with an external frame and webbing to accommodate added components(The Listing); Medium Field Pack with an external frame and webbing to accommodate added components(The listing); the Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) with webbing; Tactical Assault Pack (TAP), with harness and webbing and pouches; Waist Pack; Assault Pack; compatible pouches and pockets; Hydration System; and additional items to assist in meeting mission requirements.
  • The MOLLE II is made from water- repellent multicam camouflage color fabrics and composites that are military-specified.

  • The Medium Pack has numerous internal and external compartments. These compartments allow the soldiers to organize their equipment.

Tactical External Polymer Frame Series:

  • The frame isolate the pack and body's back, which not only help users feel more comfortable with heave loading, but also reserve sientific space for other MOLLE equipment such FLC, hydration system. It is easy and quick to assemble.

MOLLE 2 Medium Rucksack:


3 Reviews
  1. ★★★★★

    Amazing Med Ruck Sack

    Been in the army for 15 years. Only lucky enough to get this sack when we deploy. Decided I wanted one of my own. This med ruck sack is better than what we are issued and the added sustainment pouches and extras make it that much better. Love the fact that the waist belt can be easily removed and added.

  2. ★★★★★


    A lot of people get envious of my med ruck. I like that it comes with the sustainment pouches, it's great for the field, and it's way more comfortable than the CIF/RFI issued medium rucks. The kidney/lumber pad is perfect. If I can fit my packing list or minimum amount of weight required for a ruck in this I much prefer it to the large ruck. Way more comfortable.

  3. ★★★★★

    Buy one, you need it.

    Worked when I had one issued, bought one for the wife for matching custom bugout bags in our retirement. If they worked in Afghanistan, they'll work in the suburbs. Buy one, you need it. Quality second to none.