MOLLE 2 Large Rucksack

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MOLLE 2 Large Rucksack

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  • AKmax US Large Field Ruck Set: consists of a rucksack, two sustainment pouches, a frame, a molded hip belt, a waist pack.
  • Large Rucksack: It provides up to 4,000 cubic inches of space. In legacy systems, Large Rucksack was called the “main pack”.
  • MOLLE ii Large Pack Frame: The frame is contoured to comfortably fit closely to the body to prevent swaying of the load. The frame will allow proper head rotation while wearing a helmet and when the wearer is in the prone position. The frame is also compatible with other rifleman sets.
  • Side Sustainment Pouch: The two detachable side sustainment pouches provide an additional 500 cubic inches each and attach to the side of the large field pack.
  • Molded Hip Belt: The large frame is fitted to the hip belt with four attachment straps to provide adjustment.
  • The multi-purpose Waist Pack: It can be worn in different ways with MOLLE Rifleman sets such as, Assault Pack, Medium Pack, FLC.

MOLLE Ruck System:

Explanation of US MOLLE II Carrying equipment:

1. MOLLE II Introduction

  • MOLLE II is an integrated, modular load-carrying system designed to enhance the capability and lethality of the modern Soldier.
  • MOLLE II is designed to have different configurations that allow Soldiers to tailor their equipment to meet specific mission needs.

2. The MOLLE II system is configured from the following items

  • Large Field Pack with an external frame and webbing to accommodate added components(The Listing);
  • Medium Field Pack with an external frame and webbing to accommodate added components; The Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) with webbing; Tactical Assault Pack (TAP), with harness and webbing and pouches; Waist Pack; Assault Pack;
  • Compatible pouches and pockets; Hydration System; and additional items to assist in meeting mission requirements.

3. MOLLE II Material

  • The MOLLE II is made from water- repellent multicam camouflage color fabrics and composites that are military-specified.

Product information:

The Main Pack Capacity 5000 Cubic Inches:

MOLLE II Use Scenoris:


2 Reviews
  1. ★★★★★

    Excellent quality for the price; highly recommend!

    After reading some reviews you start to worry. You don't want to speed good money on junk and have it break quickly. I am not sure what barbarians broke their bag so quickly and since that is/was the case they would have broke the issued bags as well. The feel of the fabric is very similar to the army issued bags. It repels water like a champ.... I poured water on it myself and it did very well. The negatives are, if read any other reviews, that the logo is prominently placed on the magazine and grenade pouches. All you need is a finger nail and a lot of patience or a knife a a moderate amount of patience. You can scrape it off. Another negative is the waist straps are super long on the ruck. You can fold them over and use the stretchy fastener to hold it down but they are long. I'd bet this company got ahold of the army issued gear and did their best to replicate everything exactly. They nailed it. Recommend getting the assault bag and all of its goodies if you need/ want a set of your own or need to fool the people at CIF. Chances are very good they wouldn't notice. Get it. "If it does not meet; nay, surpass your expectations you can hold me, Michael Gary Scott, personally and financially responsible."

  2. ★★★★★

    Stellar Ruck For The Field

    When I got to my unit out of basic, I wasn’t assigned all of my TA50, which so happened to not include a proper ruck. I was assigned the medium ruck, which just didn’t have enough space for anything longer than 4 or 5 days in the field, give or take. I bought this to hopefully give me that space, and was blown away by how well it holds up. It has a zipper flap within the main compartment that allows separation of materials packed which makes organization easier than the standard issued rucks. They shoulder straps as well as the hip pads feel great and breathable, which makes longer ruck marches feel ten times easier than with the medium ruck. Couldn’t recommend this more.