FILBE Military Rucksack

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FILBE Military Rucksack

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Akmax FILBE Pack System is good for its intended purpose as a dismounted Infantry Large Patrol Pack. It is flexible, modular the right size and easy to live and operate from in the field. It is about as far as you can take the old ALICE Pack System, MOLLE Pack System, ILBE Pack System design and re-vamp it. Strongly suggest to use it at military train, operation, rucking, hiking,camping and as many as outdoor carrying actions.
  • Volume and Load: The Whole System offers Capacity of 160L plus 3L Hydration Water volume, and it is capable of carrying maximum 150 Pounds.
  • Color avilable:Multicam camouflage
  • Material:waterproof 1000D Nylon, UTX Buckles&YKK zippers, TPU bladder

Akmax FILBE Main Pack

The FILBE Main Bag consist of two compartments separated by a shelf. The lower compartment is separately accessible from the upper compartment using a slide fastener and capable of containing fielded sleep system. The Rucksack is able to be converted into on large compartment by opening a slide fastener located on the shelf. The rucksack have an extendable collar that extends approximately twelve inches and is capable of being cinched closed with an integrated cord and locking hardware device. A slide fastener on the lid shall allow access to the upper compartment. The exterior of the bag have PALS webbing used to mount modular pouches. A sleeve on each side of the bag is capable of retaining long items such mortars or skis. Below each sleeve is a stretchable pocket in order to aid in the retention of the long item being carried. The bag have a handle on the top to aid in carrying.

Two Sustainment Pouches are included with the Akmax FILBE Pack System. The Pouches are capable of being mounted onto PALS webbing. Each pouch have an extendable collar that is capable of being cinched closed with an integrated or and locking hardware device. A lid capable of being secured closed with a buckle is cover the top opening of each pouch. The pouches have a means of allowing water to drain out. A Sustainment Pouch has an approximate internal volume of 500 cubic inches.

Two Hydration Pouches are included with Akmax FILBE Pack system. The pouches are capable of being mounted on PALS webbing. Each pouch is capable of carrying a full 100 fluid ounce Hydration Bladder. A lid capable of being secured each pouch allow the bladder to be attached and mitigate bladder movement. The pouches have means of allowing water to drain out.

Akmax FILBE Shoulder Harness Assembly. The shoulder Harness can able to be rigidly mounted onto the Main Pack Frame without the use of tools. The harness can able to be moved up or down on the frame in order to accommodate different torso lengths. The harness have adjustable, padded shoulder straps that are used to carry the Main Pack. Adjustable load lifter straps attach the shoulder straps to the top of the harness in order to pull the load carried in closer to the user’s body. In the case of an emergency doffing situation, the shoulder straps can be able to be quickly separated using quick release hardware, allowing the pack to fall of the user.

Akmax FILBE Frame.The Frame is capable of allowing the main pack to securely mount onto it without the use of tools. It is made of lightweight, high strength polymer that is resistant to fracture. When used in conjunction with the Hip Belt and Shoulder Harness, the Frame can successfully distribute the load contained in the pack onto the user’s hip and shoulders.

The Hip Belt is able to rigidly mounted onto the Main Pack Frame without the use of the tools. The hip Belt about to be securely tightened around the user’s hips and fastened with a buckle. The Hip Belt can tighten around the user’s hips with a forward pulling motion. The hip belt can comfortably transfer the majority of the load contained in the pack onto the user’s hip, reducing the weight burden on the user’s upper body.

The Akmax FILBE Assault Pack has a removable plastic frame sheet. The exterior of the Assault Pack have PALS webbing used to mount modular pouches. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable webbing hip belt, used to carry the pack. The shoulder straps and hip belt is capable of being stowed inside the back panel of the pack when not being used. It has webbing straps on the exterior used to compress loads carried and attach the pack on the Main Pack, and has an internal Radio pocket capable of accommodating the single Channel Ground Radio.

The Bladder allow easy filling to full capacity while inserted or while not inserted into the carrier, and maintain a sealed system when being removed or inserted into the Hydration Pouch or Hydration Carrier. It have a handle or grab point that allows for secure handling when opening, filling and closing.It is constructed from rugged puncture resistant film with high tensile strength and burst resistant seams, and its film can accept a shock and deform elastically.


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  1. ★★★★★

    100% Professional quality!!

    All I can say is wow! If only I had a pack like this back in the 80s while serving in the Army. Organization is very important when it comes to your pack..and this thing has it plus more!! The fabric is outstanding. Even comes with replacement jigs..buckles and D ring. Couldn't ask for a better pack. The smaller assault pack or day pack is a bonus. I now have a love affair with my new pack..Highly buy it!! Lots of other higher priced packs out there but have yet to see one as good as this.